Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol 2009, The Final

American Idol is one of the few prime time shows we have access to on overseas cable that we get to view in almost real time. It’s on about 10 hours after the live broadcast. It’s “up to the minute” aspect is one of the prime reasons I never miss a show. For me it’s a way to get a taste of the current pop culture from back home; although, we also get to see Fox News and CNN while they are being broadcasted live, but that's different.

I was pretty impressed with this year’s Idol final 5. After they had it down to those singers I was satisfied that the eventual winner wouldn’t be someone who really sucked (in my opinion). I easily predicted that the final 4 would include Chris, Danny, Adam and the chick. Sorry, I forgot her name, but oh my word that voice; no way will I forget her singing voice. Dang, that girl has some unique pipes.

But, as for the final two, if I had my druthers, MY final two would have been Danny and Chris, not Adam and Chris. I know everyone raves over Adam’s incredible range, and I think he’s pretty remarkable too; but I’m sorry, as a performer he just doesn’t appeal to me. I began to arrive at this opinion about a month ago, when with my eyes closed, I listened to him sing in that super high range of his, and it occurred to me that I was listening to a female impersonator. He’s a dude with almost no male qualities in his voice. So, if that’s what trips your trigger then vote for the guy, but if I could vote, it wouldn’t be for him. In a way, Adam is a bit of a one trick pony. He sings high and does so faultlessly and VERY impressively, but if I had my choice as to whom I would pay to listen to in a concert, that would be Danny and Chris.

A writer for Newsweek opined on Fox’s O’Reilly today that he thought that Adam’s apparent “gayness” would probably work against him as Chris is apparently a Christian. What a crock. The Newsweek guy, who to me also “seems gay” based on his voice inflection, appears to have an agenda—that being that “the gay person” SHOULD win, especially since he’s “obviously the better singer.” To that I say once again, BS, because which singer is “the better” is up to each person who votes; and people vote based on which singer appeals to them.

There a lot of factors that might lead someone to decide that one singer is more appealing than another; factors that quite fairly include characteristics such as appearance, gender, race, marital status, and a whole number of items, ESPECIALLY including “singing style.” In this case, in contrast to Adam’s “gayness,” to his equal detriment, Chris has a pretty blonde girlfriend in tow, which could also just as easily work against him, since a lot of young girls will be put off by his lack of “availability.”

Ultimately though, sexuality and religion will not be what determines the winner this year. No, it WILL be singing style, and let’s face it; Adam and Chris have singing styles that are quite dissimilar. Adam, with his big high-ranging voice is obviously comfortable on the stage in glitzy musical productions, while Chris’ more understated style is that of a pop singer. Obviously, in this case, the winner “on style” is Chris, especially when it comes to economic draw. Both will do well as they continue their post Idol careers, but Chris is going to make his BIG bucks in much different venues than will Adam, who should also do quite well in the years ahead.

It’s ironic to me then that Chris is actually advertised as “the dark horse” in this competition, because I just don’t think so. I believe him to be the favorite. As I’ve been saying, American Idol is not just about singing; it’s about popularity. At this point, I think Chris has the broader attraction among voters, especially among young female voters.

And finally, the reason I think Chris will win is because all the judges, particularly Simon, LOVE Adam. Personally, I despise the judges, particularly Simon. (It’s easy to hate that mean-spirited haughty Brit) Nasty Simon actually said that based on singing talent that everyone SHOULD vote for Adam, which was a huge mistake if he actually wants Adam to win. In effect, Simple Simon has just administered the kiss of the death to his favorite. Chris is bound to win now, especially after what he did last week when he took an ugly gangster rap “song” by Kanye West and turned it into something absolutely stunning. With that, Chris definitely showed who the REAL talent is. I was blown away when he did that.

Also concerning last week, Adam made a big mistake, at least in my eyes, when he sang a Steven Tyler song. Adam hit all the notes, which is good, but NO ONE sings Aerosmith songs like Tyler, who not only hits the highs, but does so with a decidedly rocker “GUY” resonance. As I said, in contrast to Steven Tyler, Adam sounded like a woman trying to sing like a man. It just didn’t strike a chord with me.

Tomorrow is the final show before the results episode. It all comes down to which guy can “inspire” his “base” to get up and dial. I’m betting that Chris will take it all. Thing is, on a personal level I like both these guys. They seem like a couple dudes that would be really cool to hang out with. Having said that, I’ll be cool with whoever wins. I’m thrilled for ‘em both.


Amadeo said...

Don't watch the show, though I too regularly tune in on Fox News, but can I ask:

Any Elvis-like performances? I saw a "virtual" duet, Elvis and Celine Dion, in one AI segment.

PhilippinesPhil said...

There you go betraying your age again. No, nothing elvis-like. Being "relevant" and contemporary is the key to staying in the competition.