Monday, June 11, 2007

Human Trafficking in Angeles City?

I was just looking at one of the Wikepedia articles entitled "Human Trafficking in Angeles City." What a piece of misleading propaganda!

In it, the author claims that this place is a haven for sex tourists looking especially for child prostitution opportunities. Wrong. Any tourists coming here to Angeles City looking for kids will be disappointed, will put themselves at great risk, and they shouldn't even try. They MIGHT be able to find an underage bar girl who lied about her age to get a job in one of the clubs, but she certainly won't be a child.

Granted, this is an exceedingly poor country and you WILL see children living and playing on the streets, more so in Manila. It kills me every time I drive through it. I see unsupervised filthy kids aged 3 and up all over the place, apparently living on the streets. Sometimes I have to just close my eyes to it or scream. It tears me up to see those innocent little children playing in the gutters or begging for beria (small money) in traffic. If there is a place ripe for child trafficking then MANILA is where it is happening. It's not here.

I'll tell you why child prostitution is not happening in AC. Around here, the police and other opportunists are always on the lookout for some idiot tourist who is asking around for sex with kids. Countless pedophiles have come here and paid out the nose for trying to make "an arrangement." What happens is that they will make a deal with some local "pimp" and they'll wait in a drive in "love" hotel for the girl or boy to delivered. Instead, a squad of cops will bust in. From there, the hapless tourist will be made to pay some large sum or go to jail.

Its a great scam for the people on the receiving end of the pay offs, because they ALWAYS get their money. They'll take a check, your credit card, or they'll even escort you down to an ATM machine. If you insist that you have no money, no problem! They'll just let you stew in a cell with 20 local unwashed criminals until you convince your parents, or your friends, or siblings, or ANYONE at all to advance you the cash. It could cost you anywhere from $5,000 and up, usually UP, depending on their whim at the time. And remember, none of this will be official.

Or, you could try to make it official and claim innocence. BIG mistake! You will probably sit for a year or so in a standing room only cell, again with a host of other cell mates where you will take your turn for the opportunity to squat in a small area on the concrete floor, while you wait JUST to be charged. I've only seen one American actually wait out the system in these conditions, and only because he in fact did not have any money. After a year he was released with all charges dropped. Chances are they let him go only AFTER they realized that he really and truly DIDN'T have any money to pay his way out.

What pisses me off about articles like the one in Wikpedia is that it actually misleads pedophiles into coming here and trying their luck. Sometimes I think the contributor is in cahoots with with the con men who prey on the would-be child rapists. Well, don't fall for it. Do NOT come to the Philippines for kids. I live here. I have my own children and I don't want your kind anywhere around me or my family. Go to Thailand or India for it and stay away from the Philippines!


KA said...

Thank you for cleaning up these stupid misleading propoganda. I'm very proud of my home country, and always have... but hearing these stories from people who "heard it from someone who would know" just irks me. I hope you're enjoying Paraiso.

PhilippinesPhil said...

I AM enjoying it here Katana, and I want to keep the lowlife pedophiles the heck out of here. The best way is to warn them that THEY will be miserable when they are caught at it, and THEY will be caught!

How is life there in Kansas? Watch out for the tornadoes...

KA said...

I'm quite happily out of tornado alley, worst I have had so far are violent thunderstorms that cut our power for a couple hours.
It's nice here, low-cost housing at a fraction of what they would be in California, plus a yard 10x larger than the one I grew up with? Hardly has a downside. It even has a small Filipino community here! I definitely didnt expect to like it here.

Amadeo said...

I tried reading the Wiki reference and went straight to the discussion tab.

From what I have scanned, there appears some challenges to the claims made in the main entry.

But why was AC picked for the title? If the situation is present in the islands, it could very well be true in any city of any province.

PhilippinesPhil said...

AC is THE premier red light spot of the country and primary destination of tourists coming to the Philippines to meet women That's why the title.

There are problems with this Wikipedia article on several levels. The author accuses the Church of complicity of silence. Its not fair. As you imply, sex happens everywhere, its the human condition. To blame the church for not trying to stop that is bogus.

The article overblows a lot. Tourists do NOT come here to AC to indulge in pedophilia, its simply NOT true. It also states there are 200 bars here. I doubt that there are more than 50 if that. It's almost as if they are trying to get people to come here through reverse psychology.

The article needs some serious rewrite. Everything in it is suspect.

Ed said...

I'm a pretty sad tourist since I haven't even been to a bar in all my times in the Philippines and I've only driven by AC and never stopped.

PhilippinesPhil said...

Well, you're just going to have to remedy that, don't ya think?