Saturday, February 04, 2006

Water and Oil

I've been thinking about this "cartoon Mohammed thing," trying to find some personal understanding, perhaps through comparison to our own "western" culture.

Most "normal" non-muslim nations have some limits on what is deemed illegal, distasteful, or
just too out of bounds to publish. I believe U.S. papers won't show explicit nudity or sex acts; they also won't show racial or religious stuff that might be deemed too provocative or hateful. For the most part, however, what controls what they print is what they think will sell or NOT sell. For the most part, pretty much ANYTHING can make it into the media as far as content and topic, but no publisher seeks to alienate their buying audience. That's what really controls what gets into print.

In a free westernized culture, we protest by NOT buying the paper or by writing a letter. We DON'T march in the streets demanding the "death" of an entire nation until our demands are met!

In this new world, polarized between muslims and non-muslims, everything has changed. I KNOW I've seen political cartoons featuring Mohammed in the past, but NOW its a big deal, a matter of life and death. We westerners are shocked that muslims could possibly insist that we change our culture to accomodate them! And muslims seem to be every bit as positive that their islamic precepts demand that we tippy-toe around THEM, and do so right in our OWN countries! The gall!

nd the more I consider the situation the more I SEETHE with anger! This "little" matter shows me that our two cultures are completely untenable. I could never stomach living in a place controlled by Sharia law; it would be impossible. I would fight to the death to prevent my family having to live in such an abominable society. Yet they have the temerity to tell us in OUR countries that we must comply with the tenets of THEIR religion?

This seemingly small matter should serve as ANOTHER wakeup call to all freedom loving peoples that our two cultures do NOT mix! It should be apparent to anyone half paying attention that islamic countries like pakistan and saudi arabia are NOT free! In effect, our two societies are at war. The islamics know it, but we in the west refuse to acknowledge it, and unless we wake up to the danger it could mean our end.

It should be obvious that free countries need to end ALL islamic immigration. It comes down to a matter of preserving our way of life, which will be ultimately undermined by islam UNLESS we keep them out. Once we allow large enclaves of islamics to form within our borders, they WILL insist that we modify our freedoms to conform with THEIR sensibilities, and this we CANNOT allow. These people do not understand, nor will they ever accept, our concept of no holds barred free speech, that no one and no "deity" is offlimits when it comes to self-expression and the media.

This tempest also points out that we need to find ways to e
xtricate ourselves from the ONLY thing we need from these fanatics--OIL! The Israelis have it right--build a wall and ne'er the twain shall meet. There is no other way. They are oil and we are water...


PhilippinesPhil said...

Exactly! And when it comes to liberals, you'd think they would be in the forefront of protection from islam. Muslim tenets fly directly in the face of liberalism, although what they (liberals and fanatical islamics) do seem to have in common is a "screaming" intolerance for anyone who does not agree with them.

I'm with you; I don't believe in destroying islam, even though all I hear and see is that THEY seek OUR destruction. But I do think that our cultures do NOT now, and never will mesh. When we go to their countries we are forced to comply with their ways, however, when they come to ours they see no requirement to accept our cultural norms.

They have nothing we need, immigration wise, that we can't get from non-muslims anyway, so keep 'em out!

Ed said...

I have made many friends over the course of my life, several of them Muslim and even one from Iran. In all cases, they loved the United States, even the Iranian who had never been there, and would tell me that those who we see on the media are a minority in their countries. I believe that these people we see on television all upset over the dynamite Mohammed are a minority and we shouldn't judge them based upon it nor they us based off a visible few in our country. Most muslims tell me that their religion condemn violence.

However, I do believe that we as a country have the right to dictate who we let into our country and we do have the right to reject any muslim or subject them to more scrutiny than a Christian from say Austrailia.

PhilippinesPhil said...

Ed, being "nice" is not relevant in this case because it's misleading. An instructor at one of the U.S. flying schools said he was stunned, that he could not believe how one of his Saudi students, a super "nice" guy, could have slit the throats of those airline pilots and stewardesses before flying his hijacked plane into the WTC. Subterfuge is a part of the Al Queada manual as we learned on 9-11.

I have met on a personal level many nice muslims as well, even so, we can't trust them. And it's not just about whether or not they want our complete destruction, its also about their confessed insistence that we change our laws and ways to accomodate them. They do not accomodate us when we go to their country.

These muslims frothing at the mouth as they demonstrate in the street for our demise on a personal level I'm sure are very nice people. The problem is that they bully and extort to the point that everyone is made to feel that must toe the "party line" and get out into the street.

I've seen the "nice" so-called moderate muslims by the hundreds in Europe trading and delighting in videos of non-muslims getting their heads viciously and bloodily sawn off by their so-called fanatical muslim brethren. This is okay, but a cartoon picture of mohammed is enough to cause mayhem.

How many "nice" muslims are rioting in the streets over Al Quaeda killing and maiming innocent people with their suicide bombs? Their silence over this REAL example of blasphemy speaks volumes louder. This tacit approval of the "nice" muslims tells me that they are not truly willing to accept western societies cherished freedoms of expression. Being insulted without declaring war is our way, and if they can't take it then they should stay home so that all the rioting will stay in the streets of their own lands and not in our countries.

Ed said...

The Iowa Muslim chapter (I never knew there was such a thing until yesterday) issued a statement saying the disapprove of the cartoons but condemn the violence. These are the "nice" muslims. I agree with you that any Al Queda muslims are not "nice."

I just find it harder to go through life hating people and not trusting them. It doesn't mean we have to let them into the country and hand them the keys to arsenal, but it does mean that the muslim I see walking down the street or working at the gas station should be given the benefit of the doubt.

The day after it was announced that muslims in Afghanistan were responsible for the 9/11 attack, I stopped by a gas station to fill up. Inside, a line of people were paying for gas and a Arab looking guy was working the till. One after another, the normally friendly people in this small town gave the man icy stares and it got to the point the arab clerk wouldn't even say a word or look up. When it came my turn, I simply said, that not all muslims would do such a thing and the guy stood up straight, smiled at me and said thank you. He told me it was the first sentence spoken to him in two days. I later learned that he was a U.S. Citizen by birth but because of the attitudes of Americans shunning Muslims, he was treated like trash. I think that is a shame.

Ed said...

On a slightly different note, most people I talk to about the Philippines think that it is a muslim country that beheads American's also. We both know that this isn't true but a few vocal muslims have skewed that perception.

PhilippinesPhil said...

Those folks who shunned the arabic looking fellow are just frightened and worried. Can you blame them? But you did the right thing by speaking to him.

Besides, not everyone who looks Arabic is islamic. There are thousands of arabic christians, even though they are besieged and being forced to leave the middle-east by the ever increasingly beligerent and intolerant muslim arabs.

I don't believe in being rude to anyone, but unlike you, I don't believe in benefit of the doubt. 9-11 and 7-7 took care of that my friend.

The point of my post is that a moratorium should be declared to suspend immigration of muslims until this new "cold war" is over. I'm not willing to put my way of life on the line so that we can be PC. These people don't have a right to come to the USA. We DO have a right and responsibility to protect ourselves and our freedoms.

The Philippines is inded a very islamic nation, but most muslims live hundreds of miles from here in Mindanao. Interestingly, until I took a history class I didn't realize that almost ALL of the Philippines was Islamic until the Spanish "converted" most of the archipelago during their tenure. As far as I'm concerned, it's the only good thing they did in the 350 years they ruled this place.

Ed said...

I agree with the moratorium on immigrating muslims, just not on being so harsh on those that are already here. I guess we can just agree to disagree.

Interesting topic. Beats the other discussions I have been having today around blogger. I'm going to have to move my Philippines History book up higher on my reading list or at least skip to the parts on those people mentioned above.