Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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It's all about Perspective (Isabel gets sick and has to be admitted)
Sarah's graduation from K
An Army family's service (Daughter, Marie and her family at Fort Hood)
First Communion (Isabel's)
Parenthood is wasted on the young

Sad Beauty
My Jackfruit Tree
Yellow Cosmos, My Happy Accident, a Little Gift from God
"Mango Grenades"
Alma, Snake Killer
First Papaya
Snail Mulching
Eight legged neighbor

Beauty is where you Make it
New Bedroom Revisited in Photos
The Porch
From Outhouse to Bedroom
Useless Side Yard to All-purpose Utility Room
New Home

MORE ABOUT ME (isn't it always?):
Saga of Pain
Where Have I Been?
Much Altered State
Take a Chill Pill Phil
Papa Juicy?
Bad Hair Day
Death and Sadness
Death and the VA
Back in the Saddle
Dreading it, but back in the "barrel" I go...
The dark man cometh

James and the F Bomb
I Met a Marine...
Mr. William; Soldier, Cook
African Embassy Moments, Ambassador Carter
"Star Wars Bar Scene People"

Heavenly Flight
Cebu City's Fort San Pedro
Magellan's Cross, and the City Square it sits in
Mactan Guitar Factory, Allegre's
Far be it from me to expect perfection, still... (Mactan's Crown Regency)
Magellan Beach, ...I Mean, LapuLapu Beach

Northwest Flight 71
Flying China Airlines, Northwest, and "Economy Heaven"

The Taking of Pelham 123
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
A 60s Kid Watches Star Trek, 2009
Christian Bale: Terminated!
Slumdog; NOT Really the Best Dog
Movie Review: D-War
National Treasure (sequel)
The Heartbreak Kid
Sweeney Todd

The Root of all evil is NOT money, It's . . .
I didn't vote for him
It’s not WHO, it’s IF
Yon vs Fulham, NO CONTEST...
On the Campaign...
"For the first time... I am proud of my country..."
The Rift (The "understanding gap" between those who've served and those who have not)
My Candidate Wish List...
Professor versus Policeman

Runaway hamster and escaped finches
Nest Building Fools
On the chopping block
Poor little thing...
The "Yellow Bully"
Even more birds for my big bird cage
My First Birds, a Pair of Cockatiels
My big bird cage

New Years View from My Tower; Not Bad...
VII. Tree House, 3/5ths Up
VI. Tree House, "Higher and Higher"
V. Tree House, "Stairway to Heaven"
IV. Tree House, "Step by Step"
III. Tree House, From the Bottom Up
II. Tree House, We Begin
I. Tree House, From Dream to Reality

Hazards big and small, Ya got to be careful
BVA & The Black Jesus Friday (stands for Board of Veterans Appeals)
Channeling Scottish
Testing, My Last and BEST Job in the Air Force
Deadly Streets
Back to Africa; Learning my "Americanness"

Christmas Explosion
Crackdown "Fun" on Fields Avenue

Part 1 of Bicycle Memories "My Flying Father"
Bicycle Memories Part 2, “Going for a Spin”
Bicycle Memories Part 3, Mountain Biking the Hard ...
Bicycle Memories, Part 4, from hybrid to mountaine...
Bicycle Memories Part 5, Making a Single Track Tra...
Bicycle Memories, Part 6, The Problems and Solutio...
Bicycle Memories, Part 7, Still Building Trail and...
Bicycle Memories, Part 8; Darn Humans & Lovely Spr...
Bicycle Memories, Part 9; Riding thru the Bugs of Arkansas
Part 10; Yanking and Banking

It USED to be Paradise; now....?
Hey, 1970 Phil!
‘Anyway, at least I’M still breathing!'
Crash! Just Like the Movie...
The French Foreign Legion vs. The British Gurkhas:...
Kids play
Coloring For Free

My Dad
"No Easy Way Out" (not many on my dad's side "left" easy)
My grandfather, Samuel Lount
Samuel Lount's Farewell
Grandpa Ray
My Grandma, My Time Machine

The State Department in Iraq: One More Strike and your're OUT
Mukasey's "tap-dance" on Waterboarding
Blackwater, State Department's Blackmark
Haditha Revisited

Two Pit Bulls and a Dane

“That’ll teach ‘em!”
Spontaneous Combustion in the Wild?

Turkish Barbery
Scooter Stop; just when you think you KNOW people....
Armenian Genocide

A Permanent Resident Soon to Fly Home
My Trip Home
You get what you pay for
Three Things, First thing first...
Thing two...
Thing three
"My Phil-ward" Flight" part 1
My “Phil-ward Flight” Part 2
My "Phil-ward Flight" End of story

A lesson in chicken catching
The Old Age Thing
Olfactory uh oh's
Americans “know” little, but “feel” a lot.
Me, My Mom and Nixon
Computer glitch
Conversation with a "dinosaur"
Michael Vick, off with his head?
Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!
Poor Laurnen Caitlin, Poor Us
The REAL Boys of Summer

Tiger’s Lucky 13
Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater...
The Rainy Season "Dodong" Blues
Pass HR 760, the Filipino Veterans Equity Act NOW!...

Part 1 Leg Bones and Tri-Care, Broken and in Pieces
Part 2 of "Broken and in Pieces" in Angeles City
Part 3 of "Broken and in Pieces" in Angeles City
Part 4 of "Broken and in Pieces" in Angeles City
Part 5 of "Broken and in Pieces" in Angeles City
Part 6 of "Broken and in Pieces, the Story of Mike...

Passport Renewal

Part 1 QA, a touchy-feely experience
Part 2 of "QA, A Touchy Feely Experience"
Part 3 of QA, Mr. Touchy Feely goes "TQM"

Hatred is an evil that must be guarded against
Jamaican Roomy
Royalty, to the trash bin NOW
The Fall of the Son of Sal
They are JUST people, same as you and me...
Mr Stinky
Literally Worried to Death by the VA
Earthquake in Karamursel
Three Men, Two Points of View
What's the difference between the VA and a con artist?...
Gulf War I Revelations
Listen UP! I'm STILL in my 40s!
The dogs of North Carolina
The 107th U.S. Open and my Beef with Tiger Woods
June 12, 1898 and July 4, 1946, Two Philippine Independence Days...
Human Trafficking in Angeles City?
Fields Avenue, now and then
Paris, back in the Hilton...
Out of Iraq and NOW?
My Evil Twin?

Part 1: VA Disability Claims Advice
Part 2: VA Disability Claims
Part 3: VA Disability Claims Advice
Part 4: VA Disability Claims Advice

Another Gym Talk, and talk, and talk, and talk...
Barefoot Runner
Jonas' Club called "The Zone"
Historical "Explosion" in the Gym
Why Angeles City?
“Sanctuary” for illegals? "Open Borders?"

Finding Madeleine McCann
Still Looking for Madeleine McCann

A "Real" Hero vs. a "Reel" One

Part 1 of The Man Who Fell: "Uh oh!"
Part 2 of "The Man Who Fell:" ... "malfunction"
Part 3 of "The Man Who Fell" ... "Terminal Velocit...
Part 4 of The Man Who Fell ... "I guess I'm dead"
Part 5 of The Man Who Fell ... "the morgue?!"
Part 6 of The Man Who Fell: "The Spirit is Willing...
Part 7 of the Man Who Fell: "Hang in There..."

American Idol 2009, The Final
Idol Thoughts: The Final
Idol Thoughts: Three Left
American Idol Thoughts: Down to 4
American Idol Thoughts: Only 6 Left
American Idol Thoughts: Only 7 Left

Cho Hseung-hui's Blaze of "Gory"
Virginia Tech Murder Spree; What's the Answer?

Bohol Trip: Lunch on The Loboc
Bohol Trip: Tarsiers are Cool...
Bohol Trip: The Chocolate Hills
Bohol Trip: Loboc Church
Bohol Trip: Loboc, A Tale of a Bridge vs a Church
More Bohol Trip, The Baclayon Church
Blood Compact of Bohol, Legazpi & Sikatuna
My Little Trip to Bohol

Children, Teach Your Parents
Sorry, But General Pace IS Right
Autopilot From Hell
Hooligan Nations
Daniel Smith vs "Nicole"
Pay Up, Or Else...
Take Up Chanting
Ask the VA about "Under Other than Honorable" Discharge
Vets with PTSD are in a "Catch 22"
Marine Intel Officer in Anbar
Killology vs Spirituality
Ugly Training, End it Now
Disappointment, Disillusionment and Despair
Stupid Soldiers: The Left's World View
Did Kerry Really Say That?
My Worst Halloween Ever
How the VA Plays Kick the Can
Baseball Introspection
An Arrow Runs Through It
Brain Drain
Too Dangerous in Angeles City?
Damn Yanks!
The Detroit Tigers and Me...
Christmas Time, Already?
The Saga of Friendship Bridge
School Days
That Is No Reason to Acquit the Guns
Kristin Chenowith? Yeah, We Talked!
Puddle Protocal of the Philippines
I LOVE My Dentist
Private Interrogation
There is No Doubt; War is Inherently Evil
Keeping the Moral Upperhand?
Detainees, What to do with Them? Shall We Ask the ACLU?
Okay, Okay, I'll Take the Drugs!

Letters From Bootcamp, Installment I
Letters From Bootcamp, Installment II
Letters From Bootcamp, Installment III
Letters From Bootcamp, Installment IV
Letters From Bootcamp, Installment V (The Breakdown)
Letters From Bootcamp, Installment VI (Krishnas Suck!)
Letters From Bootcamp, Installment VII (Snapping In)
Letters From Bootcamp, Installment VIII (Rifle Qual)
Letters from Bootcamp, Installment VIII (The Gas Chamber)

Another One on "Sexual Preference"
9/11 Flashback
"The Gays"
The Filipino College Student's Mind: Is There an Opinion in There?
24 Hour Relay Race, Parts I, II & III
24 Hour Relay Race, Part IV
24 Hour Relay Race, Part V
24 Hour Relay Race, the End
International Distress
Driving in the Philippines, an Outsiders View
Another Spine-Shivering Tale
Things My Friend Doesn't Get
Things I Don't "Get."
To Lasik or not? That WAS the Question
Ed Abbey Fires Back and I Return Fire
The War in Iraq -- Political? Should We Go Now?
Demoncraps and Republicraps?
Running Scared -- a Hashing Story
Back to School -- Retiring in the Philippines Part III
On Haditha and Murtha

Should We "Humanize" Basic Training?
When The Marines Landed in Monrovia
Filing for VA Compensation – Retiring in the Philippines Part II
Delightful Davao
A Flowery Welcome Home
The Rizal Monument, A Suggestion
Retiring in the Philippines: Health Care Update
Retire to the Philippines? Part I
Oh My God! Look Sir!
The Rizal Diorama...A "Must See" in Manila
"...We are Lacking Heroes..." ???
…And We Lose Another
Big Dwight
Easter in the Phils
Justice for Filipino WWII Veterans!
Outreach to Cagayan
Defending Washington & Revere
Manila Zoo Anyone?
Hollywood Influences
"Big Shots" in the Desert

A Dog Yarn
A PG Moment (PG = Puerto Galera)
The Oscars...The Wrath of Phil!
Liberals in the classroom
A Week in the Air Force...Hey, it's technical!
Aguinaldo's House, and Legacy (through my eyes!)
Dodgeball Stories
An Outing to Jose Rizal's House
Water and Oil
La Union Trip
Potty Mouth Killer! heh heh!
A Barangay Hearing
Confrontation, The End...Part III of III
Unbelievable! * Trash in the Road?
Unbelievable! * Did Aliens Do That?
Unbelievable! * Phantom Fire
SERVE For Citizenship
Serve for Citizenship--a Response
Christmas Past
The Enemy Within
I'm Out of Control
Game, Set and MATCH!
Climbing the Mayon Volcano -- Part I
Climbing Mayon Volcano -- Part II
The VA: Heartless AND Contemptible!
My Retirement Speech from April 2002
Unwanted American Influence
The Ghost of Fortunato
Amazing Survival, Inspiring Courage
The Philosophy of Exception and Compromise
Uncle Mike Memories
ON ON!!!
Number One Filipino Hero--Rizal or Bonifacio?
The Greatest American
Explaining the U.S. Family to Filipinos
Sheer Exhileration
Military Brat
What I Like About Living in the Philippines