Wednesday, May 02, 2007

American Idol Thoughts: STILL 6 Left

7 Left, 6 Left "Idol Gives Back"

No one got voted off last week, so two are gonna go tomorrow. Ouch.

This week Jon Bon Jovi was the singing mentor to the idols. His primary advice was for them to make the songs their own and to sell the emotion behind the lyrics. For me, only Phil touched me emotionally although Lakisha, Melinda, Chris and Blake made the songs "their own," especially Blake. (So Phil and Chris "fell" today. I was hoping that I was going to be wrong, but I called it perfectly in my weekly prediction below. Just the same, I was proud of them. Both of these so-called "losers" showed real class saying so-long, and I was touched at the emotion felt among the entire group of Idols as they did their end-of-week final group hug. Part of the reason I'm especially enjoying this season is that I find myself really liking this group of finalists. I was unsure of Lakisha, but even she has grown on me. At this point I think I'm going to feel great about who ever is lucky enough to win the big idol title.

Phil set the tone and made me feel proud. He's a navy man, a family man AND he went out LIKE a man...No tears, no regrets, no recriminations, no hard feelings... During his final song he even showed respect for Simon, who undermined Phil almost from the beginning of the contest. It was a nice touch also when he acknowledged his navy pals. I'm going to miss Phil.

Chris continued to show good form while standing with his best buddy Blake waiting for the axe to fall. These two claim to have grown so close during their "ordeal" that they intend to tour together. Hmmm. Cool idea.

Truthfully, both Phil and Chris are better singers than last year's winner Taylor, but as I've said this competition isn't all about the singing. You've got to get the votes! It's almost like a political campaign, like running for office. Flash is as important as substance these days. The same goes for AI.)

1. Phil Stacey: Phil seemed to be the only one of the 6 who KNEW Bon Jovi's work before meeting him. Jon was impressed with Phil's try-out rendition of his pick "Blaze of Glory," and I can see why. THAT was Phil's best yet. Wow! I was so proud of Phil and so touched by his singing that I teared up listening to him. I thought, 'WHERE did THAT come from?!" He didn't sound like anybody; he sounded GREAT! If I could have, I would have voted this week for him. Still, inspite of his awesome performance, I think since 2 have to go that it might just be him along with maybe Chris or possibly Jordin. Simon has done his very best to destroy Phil's chances so maybe he'll get his way. I hope not.

Randy on Phil: "That was your Best performance EVER on the show! That was Steve Perry doing a Bon Jovi song!" (Obviously, Randy and I were both touched by Phil's performance in exactly the same way).

Paula: "Best opening all season long!" (Again, Paula FELT this song as I did and knew it to be outstanding).

Simon "Legree": Nasty Simon getting back to his earlier dislike for Phil did NOT feel Phil like Randy, Paula and I did. His first words were, "I thought it was (just) okay... it had no authenticity... and it was like a bad actor playing a roll. I don't believe you did good enough to last the week." Randy and Paula loudly disagreed with Simon and he loudly did the same with them saying, "YOU don't tell the truth." As if only his opinion is THE truth... Times like that makes me happy when the crowd boos his silly self-satisfied ass.

2. Jordin Sparks: Oops. Jordin professed to love Bon Jovi songs through her mom's love of them, but she definitely did NOT make me think so listening to her sing "Living on a Prayer." She started out shaky and only got worse. She is definitely not a rocker. She struggled with this one, although she did manage to hit the one final big note. Her problem is that she is out of her range in the low end of the scale. She needs big high female songs to sound good. Bon Jovi week was not her week and she said that, although if she had done well she probably would have said the opposite. Just the same, the other two girls had no problem whatsoever doing their thing with Bon Jovi, so maybe it was just her inexperience that betrayed her. This was THE worst performance of the night although I think her fan base is going to keep her in this thing for another week. She needs to hit the big song next week for a shot at the finals.

Randy: "Those verses were a little rough, especially the low notes..."

Paula: " are in the workshop practise...You were a little bit out of your range..."

Simon: (Simon has been Jordin's cheerleader, but not this week. He didn't even like her outift). " was out of control... shrieking at times... you were at a massive disadvantage trying to sing a guys' rocks songs... but it WAS terrible."

3. Lakisha Jones: Ryan asked her if she wanted to sit next to him on a stool and she said no giving him a cutesy answer, "No, I want the camera to keep it on my "slim" side. (yeah right! she was making fun of her weight. Good for her.)" Fact is, with those tight jeans she was wearing there was no WAY she could sit down. Poor thing. I do think she's losing weight though. She said she'd never listened to Bon Jovi music before, which makes me like her a little less than I did after she disrespected Tony Bennett. I have to say though, that she kicked ass on her song, "This Ain't a Love Song." I realized tonight that her natural range is low women's baritone. She sounded great down there, natural and totally confident. I enjoyed it, very soulful. It was good enough to keep her going for at least one more week.

Randy: "Started out a little pitchy, but by the middle of the song you blew it out the box you brought it when you warmed up..."

Paula: "...the low side of your voice is like money in your pocket..."

Simon: (He was very impressed, more so than me). "Lakisha I actually could kiss you after that." (So, Ryan, brought her down and made that happen). "...You rose to the challenge and absolutely nailed it... and nice lips!"

4. Blake Lewis: Ryan said at the break that Blake was going to stick his neck out. I knew that meant that Blake was probably going to get back to his "roots" and do some of his trademark beatbox soundeffects, at least i hoped that's what he meant, because he needs to do something. He's been losing it since he's tried to strictly sing. He's an okay singer, but he NEEDS more to compete against the REAL singers in the group. He won't win, but he's already gotten into the final 6, so in reality, he's made it. Good for him. He did "You Give Love a Bad Name," and Jon Bon Jovi was not convinced but you know what, it was good! Very entertaining and captivating. Memorable, which is what he needs... I predict that he'll make the final four.

Randy: "Most original of any song ever done on this show, baby

Paula: "you put your self out there. This was amazing.... your night"

Simon: "Half the audience will absolutely hate it and the other half absolutely love it. It was exactly the right thing to do.... You are a very brave young man and THIS is what is going to keep you in the competition next week."

5. Chris Richardson: Ryan teased him calling him Justin Timberlake, meaning a sound alike, wannabe I suppose. Chris should have cuffed him one. He sang "Wanted Dead or Alive," on which Bon Jovi told him to make sure he sold the sad aspect of the song. I think he must have forgot that advice because I caught him having "fun" as he professed as his primary motivation in answering Ryan's fan question. By that I mean he grinned a few times during the supposedly "sad" song. He lost me when I saw that. But overall, I liked it. And he managed to add a few of his own little nuances, but nothing all that "out there" like Blake did. Still, Well done. Simon doesn't think he'll make it through to next week, and he's probably right. Two have to go and there are only 6 left, soooooo..... bye bye Chris?

Randy: "You made it your own... I liked that!"

Paula: "This will turn out to be a great night. did your thing. ...good job."

Simon: "I think you did as much as you could do with that... its not your style of music, whether its enough to stay another week I'm not sure."

6. Melinda Doolittle: She did "Have a Nice Day!" The first thing I thought of as I watched her get into it was Tina Turner. Melinda has never had a bad performance yet and tonight was no exception. And is it just me, or is this girl getting sexier and more attractive as the weeks go by? I am crazy about this lady! There is nothing more to say about her performance tonight since it was perfect, as always. Melinda will probably win this year. She has played her cards exactly right, going from big-eyed humble girl to diva sensation... Whoever is handling her found the perfect formula. My hat's off.

Randy: "Check it out... maybe not your best, but definitely a great performance."

Paula: "How does it feel to be a rock star, coz YOU are a rock star."

Simon: "like a young Tina Turner... vocally you are in a different league from everyone else..."

PhilippinePhil’s order of merit for tonight:

1. Phil
2. Melinda
3. Blake
4. Chris
5. Lakisha
6. Jordin

My bottom 3 picks for tomorrow:

1. Phil
2. Chris
3. Jordin

My bottom 2 for tomorrow:

1. Phil
2. Chris

Tomorrow's Fallen Idols will therefore be:

Chris and Phil

After tonight’s performance, I predict that the final 2 will be:

1. Blake
2. Melinda

The American Idol will be:



Anonymous said...

My favorite part of the show was when Jordin told Bon Jovi that "Mom would just flip out if she were here!" Ole BonJovi's face showed it all...a major "senior moment", probably his first. Looks like you were right on in predicting Phil and Chris would bite the dust.

PhilippinesPhil said...

Yup, I was right, unfortunately. Only four left. Its getting exciting.