Saturday, December 08, 2007

Samuel Lount's Farewell

Oh! All my friends and kindred dear,
Read o'er my sorrows with a tear;

Though all my foes may strive to stain,
There is great Honour to my name.

My soul from heaven with love was blest,
My pain gave way to peace and rest;

My God removed the load I bore,
I rest where Crowne can do no more.

My mortal life to man I gave,
Though thousands prayed my life to save;

But pray'rs and tears and groans were in vain,
To save my life from tyrant's chain.

I trust my blood will satisfy,
The thirst of same should bleed and die;

But oh! My blood will not atone,
For griefs unseen, unheard, unknown!

Farewell fond wife and children dear,
Although we part with many a tear;

Still trust in God and still maintain,
My blood that's spilt is not in vain.

May God look down with pitying eyes,
And lend His ears to hear your cries;

And all your grief may Jesus see,
That came from heaven to comfort me.

Dear babes, sweet treasures in my eyes,
May you from earth to heaven rise;

In heaven may God record your name,
That bore away my grief and pain.

Dear brother, how thou wert distressed,
For days and nights thou would not rest;

And when thou sawest me near to death,
Thou fellest and gavest me thy breath.

May God reward thee for thy pains,
Thy brother's freed from binding chains;

The nights I saw, the grief I bore,
Shall unto me return no more.

Farewell! To all that round me stood,
To all earth's joys, 'Tis blest and good;

To give my life by God's command,
Farewell! I leave this troubled land.

Written By Samuel Lount
The night before his execution
By hanging April 12, 1838

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