Thursday, January 24, 2008

PP Movie Review: The Heartbreak Kid

Go See it!

I just came in from seeing Ben Stiller’s Heartbreak Kid. I know now that I could never be an actual film critic, because obviously, I’m just too easy to please. The derivation of the word critic is to criticize—to be the opponent of, to condemn, disparage and disapprove.

Thinking that surely this movie would get some critical acclaim, I got my bubble rudely burst just now when I went online to see how well the movie did with the “real” critics; and well, most of them lived up to their name—they didn’t like it.

Well screw ‘em, coz I LOVED this movie. I laughed, chuckled and giggled from the moment it started and was laughing on the way out. My movie mate loved it as well, but listening around the rest of the theater I did notice that not many other people were enjoying it nearly as much as I did. I shrugged it off as a cultural thing, thinking that maybe Filipino funny bones don’t have the same harmonics as American ones. Then again, there were only about a dozen other folks watching the movie besides us.

Ben Stiller cracks me up anyway. There’s something about his deadpan face and average schmoe reactions that make me identify with the guy. He’s short, not all that great looking and comes across as a bit of a loser—no wonder he reminds me of me!

Ben’s dad is in the movie too, playing his dad. Jerry Stiller is a hoot. I love his in-your-face New York Jew-guy attitude. He always plays the same character. For years on TV he's played it in shows like the King of Queens and Seinfeld. Has he ever played anything else? You know exactly what you’re going to get with him; and what Jerry Stiller gives, I get, and I never get enough. He’s loveably crude and rude—he’s New York!

Getting back to the film critic subject... a guy I’ve known here for years, an American writer named Steve, had been watching the movie too. I saw him on the way out and greeted him with a hello and a laughing declaration of my continued admiration of Ben Stiller movies. I was hoping for a fellow fan, but it turns out he is not nearly as enamored as I am. Well, THAT put a wet blanket all over my enthusiasm.

He didn’t even want to discuss the movie we’d just seen and instead asked if I’d seen the original Charles Grodin/Cybil Shephard version which he thought far superior. Then, come to think of it, I realized that I hadn’t heard him laugh or titter even once during the entire thing, so I began to have misgivings that Steve even HAD a sense of humor. But then, it occurred to me that he had watched the movie solo, and everyone knows that a comedy MUST be watched with a friend. Otherwise, even the funniest bits don’t seem quite so humorous. So, I decided to cut him some slack on the “not having a sense of humor” possibility.

Ever Hopeful, I threw out one more line to him, asking if he’d had the chance to see Sweeney Todd, a film that I think, as of now, to be Tim Burton’s pièce de résistance. Steve had indeed seen it, but again, wasn’t all that excited. He started babbling on about weaknesses with the music and storyline, and blah blah blah, and right about then I’d just about had enough of old Steve. I mentally tuned him out thinking: ‘Ehhh! This guy doesn’t like anything. Time to say goodnight.’

Did anyone else like this hilarious comedy? I had to know. I was beginning to have my doubts. Maybe I’m just weird. (Okay, I already KNOW the answer to that!)

Well, check this out: according to Wikipedia, as of November 27, 2007 The Heartbreak Kid has grossed $100,000,000! Ha! Up YOURS critics! So yes, a WHOLE lot of other folks liked it too. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it Stevey Boy!


KA said...

... cant say that i did. No reason, just not my cup o' tea,

But, despite its weaknesses, I did love sweeney todd... so maybe i'm not much of a critic either?

PhilippinesPhil said...

So you saw HBK? ...and didn't like it? Maybe you're just too sophisticated for that kind of low brow stuff. You're so worldly Kat.

Anonymous said...

Man I am living uner a can I keep missing out on going to the movies...I like stiller though and depp in anything is good by me...'up yours stevieboy'--hehehehehe.

PhilippinesPhil said...

I think you'll like this Ben Stiller movie Hope. Some of the sex scenes are a bit over the top though. Its just that I KNOW girls like that! The best humor is based on reality.

KA said...

lol, or maybe I'm just a snob?

Truth be told, my palette is not that sophisticated. I liked Van Wilder, Red V. Blue, Team America, and things like that. Sometimes I just don't get into a movie, and it might not be the movies fault. Mighta been the mood or company I was in.

Then again... i also HATED the austin power's series...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Looking at me in my jeans and sweater set with a ponytail or a headband on, you wouldn't think I would like the kinds of things I like...but I do...Tony did hone a fine appreciation for westerns and I love everything, but most chickflicks though My Big Fat Greek Wedding was hilarious..."if you hurt her, I'll killya and make it look like an accident." I love that line. Since I have stopped nursing children I have noticed an even greater penchant for anything testosterone ridden. Course I'm also one of those sickos who likes to replay Youtube videos of Haji blowing himself up as he tries to mortar the good guys...LOVE IT! Okay so I can't bring it up at Park what?

PhilippinesPhil said...

I liked Austin Powers until he brought in the Fat Bastard character. Too much potty humor after that and the fat jokes don't strike me as funny. I don't like farting, belching and jiggling fat. That's just gross. MiniMe rocks though.

I guess "My Big FGW" is considered a chick flick but I liked it too. I like the funny chick flicks. On the other hand, I hate the fuzzy wuzzy lovey dovey REAL chick flicks. Ugh.