Friday, February 13, 2009

I didn't vote for him

I haven’t written an iota about politics since the election, and I probably didn’t write much about it before Election Day either. I had a sinking feeling that the best man for the job, John McCain, was destined to lose; and once the economic meltdown happened I knew he was a goner for sure. It didn’t matter who he picked as a running mate, although I would have preferred Kay Bailey Hutchison over Sarah Palin. My brother, always the optimist, remained hopeful almost to the bitter end; but I saw the handwriting on the wall and constantly bemoaned to him what I saw as inevitable. I notice he hasn’t had much to say about it either; perhaps he’s as demoralized as I am, probably not though, if I know him.

I still haven’t quite digested it. I watch the news less and less, because just the sight of that unlikely heretofore unknown upstart, snapping his gum like a school kid with that constant smirk on his face, is almost more than I can bear. He’s Eddie Murphy in the movie “Trading Places,” where a black man from the street suddenly finds himself in a high company position that he knows he’s not qualified to hold and yet acting like he actually knows what he’s doing, and WAY over his head. At least Eddie Murphy’s character kept some humility about him, unlike THIS guy, who crows out to his opposition that “He won” so get with the program.

The economy crashed when the banking system faltered, mostly due to the collapse of all those thousands upon thousands of subprime mortgages, something that surely proves the wisdom of NOT lending money to credit risky individuals, something that our government pretty much forced down the willing throats of all those big greedy lending institutions. And because of this longtime unwise policy, both Democrat and Republican administrations have been able to brag about the increased home ownership under “their watch;” a boast that I doubt we’ll hear much of for quite some time.

In retrospect, I wonder now how much of the apparent economic boom of the past decade or so was due to nothing more than the “false profits” taken from a gigantic worldwide Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. And, I wonder how much of the spending we did as consumers over that time was based on the vaporous speculative value of homes that seemed to increase in worth by the tens of thousands of dollars per year? I’m still amazed that no one saw this bubble coming to its predictable bursting end.

And now we have this president, in collusion with this congress and this senate, an unstoppable gang of liberal spending thugs, who tell us that we must spend an unfathomable amount of money to “kick start the economy.”

This is the same government that caused the problem to begin with by encouraging irresponsible lending to credit risky people multiplied by the hundreds of thousands, all of whom defaulted almost at the same time. Now, are we not doing the same thing all over again, only on an even larger scale, by leveraging our future with basically the largest subprime loan in the history of mankind?

The Obama Administration and our current Democrat majority Senate and Congress: “You want to borrow some money from me? Don’t worry, after all, I have a printing press and I can make all the money I’ll ever need to repay you!” Some South American countries did this and ended up with inflation in the hundreds and even thousands of percent.

I can hardly stomach watching him on the tube, this supercilious product of the most corrupt political system we have. When I can manage it, I force myself to listen to his condescending nonsense, but only unbelievingly, as he tells us that we must spend and spend huge NOW. He tells us with wide-eyed earnestness that if we DON’T do this, spend a TRILLION non-existent dollars, that the economy will fail to Depression Era levels. And THEN, when I see the legislature using this national tragedy (or should I say travesty) as an excuse to fund all their pent-up pet projects that the Bush Administration had put the kibosh on for the past 8 years, it all only confirms the validity of the doom and gloom I’ve felt ever since the first Tuesday of last November.

I now understand the disgust that all those deranged Bush haters felt all these years. I don’t hate the guy, but I’m quite disgusted with an electorate that bought into his glibness and his doe-eyed big-eared “good looks” (I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder).

He is perhaps THE most unqualified president we’ve had since Harding, perhaps the most unqualified EVER. He was a senator for only a short time before he was put forward for a “practice run” for the presidency by his handlers (after all, no one believed he could beat “Billary”). Before being put forward for the Senate by the “Chicago Machine,” his one accomplishment was as “community organizer,” where he oversaw handing out millions in aid money to poor Chicagoans. He knows nothing about the economy (although you would think he does based on what he reads on the teleprompter as of late!), he has never served in the military, he has no executive experience at all in any capacity, he’s never run a business, and he’s never really done anything. And now, we’ve made him president. Way to go Eddie! Way to go America.

You know, I’ve always split my vote over the years. But now, I’m thinking otherwise. Watching this Congress and Senate wanting to spend money like it grows on trees (although I don’t think we even have a billion trees in all of the United States), from now on, I will vote NOT for the democrats and it will definitely be a straight ticket ballot. I only wish we had another viable party besides the up-till-now free-spending republicans, but we don’t. God help us.

My next post, belive it or not, will be about birds. I just don't want to think about this other "stuff" for a while. Its too depressing.


Ed said...

"He is perhaps THE most unqualified president we’ve had since Harding, perhaps the most unqualified EVER."

Well if being qualified means being a career politician like the last handful, I'm more than willing to take a chance on someone who has absolutely no political experience. I mean the man already admitted he screwed up on some of his appointments, something the last two would never have done. That in itself is pretty refreshing.

I'm pretty sick about how Obama is handling this economic crisis but I didn't think McCain's plan of bailing out more corrupt CEO's was any better. In the end, I think the economy is going to correct itself in a way that has been a long time in coming and there isn't much Obama or McCain could have done about it.

I have never voted straight ticket and probably never will. The reason is that things like now happen when we have a majority controlling the executive and legislative branches. I prefer to have them more balanced as they have been for the last four years. When what we have now happens, scary things can and are happening.

I think I will go back to daydreaming about a solid middle of the road party that will magically organize before the Palin/Obama contest in 2012.

PhilippinesPhil said...

All that from someone who supposedly voted for McCain?

Actually, this guy IS qualified, qualified to spend other people's money. It's all he's ever done his entire adult life. Why wouldn't we expect anything else from him?

Ed said...

You must have missed that post where I said that I voted for the Baldwin/Castle ticket.

Obama has certainly proven he is qualified to spend. My wallet is going to get no rest during his term either evidently.

Amadeo said...

Hang in there, Phil:

Four years will be gone before we know it. And the US will still be there. You bet I am thinking of a one-term president.

My stays here in the PI allows me the opportunity not only to take a temporary leave from the gloomy political and economic landscape over there, but the opportunity also to be able to actually do stuff that should counter the ill effects over there that impact our family personally.