Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The dark man cometh

Here I go again...


Ed said...

May you find some peace from depression soon. Hang in there.

Amadeo said...

Wow, Phil, this is really quite a revelation. And I do not know what to say.

But you mention hyperthyroidism. Another revelation from out the blue. But guess what? I have had hyperthyroidism since becoming an adult. And to this day I continue to take maintenance medication because I have had surgery to pare down my thyroids.

It was only because of hindsight (many years ago) that I understood why at times I had difficulty holding on to my temper. And indeed, regret always started setting in even before the anger totally subsided.

In its earlier stages, I had maintenance doses to regulate my condition, but after many years medication became ineffectual. That's when I had surgery.

But depression, whether major or chronic? That never was part of the equation with me. I suppose I just accepted that I was that type of a personality - hyperactive and easily excitable.

Is anything being done with your hyperthyroidism?

This has been the bane of our family - 5 of us have thyroid problems, some with hypothyroidism. 4 sisters and me.

Hang in there.

BTW, because thyroid conditions are very deceptive and pernicious, there are support groups on-line. I recall registering into one and they used to send me literature.

KA said...

Hmm, you and me both except mine usually manifests itself in self-destructive behavior: smoking, drinking, over/under eating, driving too fast and having this sudden need to run until I collapse... In itself, they're not bad, but it's the recklessness that is accompanied with them that could be.

And on that note, I've got a class.

Anonymous said...

hey guy.

I wondered you had been lately. No worries you can mean to me online. Ain't

I am keeping you in thought. Sendingyou an looking for some really scary and offensive emoticons for your reply. heehee

**waving madly**
I got dignosed with the same condition when I was pregnant with Mtthew though I thought the whole wanting to slam my fist into peoples faces was a general character trait on my part affected by gurl hormonal fluctuations...take care and talk to you soon.

Samantha West said...

I swear you must be talking about my cousin Bob from Ames, IA. We don't speak anymore because he really hates the Marines nearle as much as he does America.

I linked to you. People should read this!

PhilippinesPhil said...

Samantha, you must have meant to comment on the post after this one? Regardless, if you aren't speaking to him because he hates the US Marines, then count me a friend!