Saturday, January 31, 2009

An Army family's service

My daughter recently posted on her family blog what its like to say goodbye "again" to their army trooper husband and daddy. He was able to come home for a couple weeks for the birth of their newest son, Lance, but now its time to return to his station in Iraq.

I can remember experiencing some pretty deep "goodbye feelings" as a military kid, and later on as a military member myself, and they all came rushing back while reading my girl's description of my grandson's reaction to watching his daddy have to fly away once again. It's heart rending. Damien really loves his daddy.

Barry is a Blackhawk pilot in Iraq on the good side of his current tour over there. He will be stationed stateside upon his return in five months, but probably has another tour to Afghanistan coming up after a year at home. Unfortunately, that year is going to fly by. I worry about him constantly. Every time I see a report about a helo incident I hold my breath.

You want to meet some "tough" stout hearted folk, go to an army base during this time of war and talk to the average trooper and their family members. Their attitudes are amazing. I assure you, some of our best people choose to serve; if you doubt that, go talk to people like Barry and his wife, my daughter, Marie. Oh, and Marie already did a tour of enlistment in the army, so she's a veteran too.

Can you tell I'm proud of them?


Anonymous said...

Traveling mercies to your loved one. You can tell from your post how proud you are of your family.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Marie & Barry said...

Ahhh...thanks dad!! This means alot to me!! Brought many tears to my eyes...

And yes...when he gets home...the time will fly by bc he will be leaving us again! But that is what a soliders wife and family does...we wait for them to come home and love every minute that we have with them. All for the sake of keeping everyone else safe.

Love you!!

PhilippinesPhil said...

Hang in there kiddo. It all goes by so fast, but only, it seems, AFTER its all flown by! Love you too! d